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Vermont DJ LinCo Entertainment | 802.893.7685

Meet Your DJ Entertainer

Since 2000, LinCo Entertainment has been providing top-notch DJ entertainment for parties, wedding receptions and special events.  We know that our people make the party - let us introduce you to our LinCo Entertainment DJ Entertainer.  


Why LinCo Entertainment?

We believe, and it is our mindset, that ‘your’ event is the only event and while in the moment, you are our only client.  We also believe that you deserve the best memory possible.  We want to help you create it.  You can count on us!

Our DJ Entertainer:

Corey Gottfried is LinCo Entertainment’s most valued asset.  This New York City born DJ Entertainer relocated to Vermont in 1974.  He is caring, considerate, sensitive, efficient, effective, prompt and appropriately attired. His mindset is to accommodate the client and guests to the best of his abilities. Corey’s DJ Entertainer approach is to be 'in the moment' at your wedding, birthday party, corporate or other event. He takes into consideration the needs and desires of the contact and combine that with the desires of the audience. Understanding the expectations of the client, Corey will insert the mandatory components of the event as if it were ‘spontaneously staged'.  As the event unfolds, he is involved in a constant evaluation process to determine how to achieve maximum audience response and incorporate his own personal flair. Corey prides himself as being an experienced professional host.  These are the qualities and beliefs he holds as a professional Vermont DJ Entertainer.

LinCo Entertainment’s Music Library:  

We maintain and develop a music library that will satisfy personal preferences from the popular hits of the 1940's to current day favorites.  When it comes to the preferences of your guests, Corey prefers to not pre-determine or pre-judge.  Each and every audience is special and unique unto themselves. Recognizing this fact, he encourages guests to approach him with their specific requests.  

LinCo Entertainment’s Quality Equipment:

LinCo Entertainment uses 'state of the art' quality equipment.  We have backup systems established which includes a network of professional affiliations in the event of a need for alternative equipment, transportation or an entertainer.  Our 'track record' over the years is exceptional and we provide comfort and assurance to our clients that their needs will be satisfied. We want your event, whether it's a Vermont wedding, birthday party, bar or bat mitvah, to be the best and most pleasurable experience and memory.

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